Blog Like a Honey Badger

Melanie from Blogging Basics 101 asked, oh, forever and a day ago what it means to blog like a honey badger.

Some people had things to say. Unsurprisingly I was one of those people.

She graciously sent me the list to post here because she is generally awesome like that (and you should follow her on Twitter and Pinterest because she brings the mega awesome there).


What does it mean to blog like a Honey Badger?


  1. Honey badger bloggers do all the work to create the best trends. They knows there are jackals out there lurking around, waiting to collect their scraps, but the honey badger blogger don’t give a shit. (Kelly from Partially Motivated)
  2. Honey badger blogger don’t care about your stats, Google Friend Counts, private invites, or page rank. (Robin, Honey Badger Mom)
  3. Honey badger blogger don’t care if you have 100 followers or 10,000 followers on twitter. Honey Badger will eat your followers. (Emily from Colorado Moms)
  4. Honey badger bloggers are hungry little bastards, never running out of energy to blog. (Kelly from Partially Motivated)
  5. Honey badger bloggers write like they’re the most fearless animal in the animal kingdom. Look at that honey badger blogger! She’s really pretty badass. (Robin, Honey Badger Mom)
  6. Honey badger bloggers aren’t afraid to read or talk about anything no matter how nasty the shit is. (Kelly from Partially Motivated)
  7. Honey badger bloggers don’t apologize for anything they write. (Andrea Updyke from Lil Kid Things)
  8. When Honey Badger Mom writes, she doesn’t hold back. So when you you get that feeling she is talking about you, she is. (Heather from Cool and Hip, I am Not)
  9. Venomous snakes are always out there trying to steal their ideas or smack down the honey badger bloggers for being so awesome. But the honey badger bloggers don’t care. They just smack the shit out of the snake, bite their heads off and move on. (Kelly from Partially Motivated)
  10. Sometimes a honey badger blogger really does care. A lot. Bite her all you want, spew your toxins, knock her out. She’s just gonna get back up because sometimes things need to be said or done. SO SAY THEM. DO THEM. (Robin, Honey Badger Mom)



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