Robin EltonMy name is Robin Elton. Strong is my middle name.

(Not really. It’s my maiden name.)

I’m a freelance writer, a blogger, a literary gangsta. An amateur optimist and hobbyist photographer.

I’m Katherine and Audrey, dammit.

I’m the VP of Community at FitFluential LLC. Since starting that position in October 2011 I’ve lost over 30 pounds, 3.5 waistline inches, and apparently my damn mind, as I’ve started signing up to run 5Ks and moreĀ for fun.

I’m a Honey Badger Mom of 3 kids: Jake, 15; Maverick, 12; Cassidy, 8. I also play mom to Jimmy aka “The Dogness,” a rescue beagle mix, and Karma, a Saint Bernard puppy.

Karma is a real pain in the ass.

I get noisy about real food, the need for nature, the power of play, and the life non-toxic at simple. green. organic. happy.

I co-author Family Fun Delaware with my kids. That covers local events and reviews of kids’ books, movies, websites, and just stuff.

I needed a place to put everything else. This is that place. Cheers.


Wanna talk to me?

I’m @robinelton on Twitter. Find me on LinkedIn. Or email me: robinelton at comcast dot net.

Opinions voiced here are my own and do not reflect on FitFluential.